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Dung beetles and soil health

29 October 2018

Tricks to propagating wattles and members of the pea family (Fabaceae)

Wattle seeds require pre-treatment before germination will commence. 
7 December 2018
Martin Driver (centre) of Australian Network for Plant Conservation

Feelin’ Seedy at Martindale

On Sunday 25th November around two dozen people got together at Martindale to talk about seedy stuff. Organised as part of Hunter Councils Nine Valleys Project, the day was to discuss and demonstrate the use of direct seeding in revegetation works.
6 February 2019
Plant of the month

River Red Gum

An Australian icon and most widespread of the Eucalypts, the River Red Gum is found near waterways over much of inland Australia and found (naturally) as far east as Hinton in the Hunter Valley.
6 March 2019

Forest / Mountain Oak

The Forest or Mountain Oak can be identified by it’s brown corky bark, round fruit (cones) and four or five teeth on the article needles.