Work Health and Safety Resources

Yeah, I know, WHS can be pretty tedious and while you may be operating safely in your farm, work or Landcare activities if something were to happen and someone were to get injured then without documented procedures and risk assessments you could be liable to expensive...

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Video: Axe Restoration with Paul

How I restore axes, you may do it differently but this works for me. Of course the golden rule with restorations of this type, as little as possible, as much as necessary.  

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When To Apply Herbicides

Time the application of herbicides to achieve maximum effectiveness. The right time to apply systemic poisons is when water and sugars are being rapidly moved (translocated) around the plant (usually spring and summer). Herbicides are likely to be less effective on...

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Plants of the Box Gum Grassy Woodlands

This vegetation community is listed as an Ecologically Endangered Community because of the flora and fauna this community supports, including the species of White Box, Yellow Box, and Blakely’s Gum.

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There are a wide range of resources available to assist Landcare groups in their day to day running.

Below are links to a range of resources that have been developed through the NSW Landcare Support Program and links to other externally produced resources that may be useful.

RegenTV is AABR’s growing online library of restoration videos from forums and field days, aligned to the National Restoration Standards.

Along with the videos there are learning resources for students and life-long learners.

The regenTV project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.