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Plant of the Month: Please don’t pull this one out

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Another couple of plants which commonly get mistaken for weeds (and pulled out) is  Flannel Leaf (Astrotricha floccosa). With a home range between Newcastle and Sydney it’s found in Dry Sclerophyll Forest on sandstone, unfortunately the leaves can have a strong resemblance to Wild Tobacco (Solanum mauritianum) so often falls victim of overzealous bushwalkers. 

Astrotricha floccosa is a shrub to 4 metres high with leaves 7.5 to 25 centimetres long and 2 to 5 centimetres wide, with a light green, smooth and not shiny upper surface and a lower surface covered in soft woolly hairs which tend to rub off (floccose), it is the underside which leads many people to mistake it for Wild Tobacco. The flower head is multi branched to 70 centimetres long, flowers small, petals white to cream. 


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