Tools, Tips and Tricks

How Tea Bags Can Measure Soil Health

The Tea Bag Index (TBI), first published in 2013, can be used as a method of comparing the rates of decomposition of organic matter in soil.

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The Peter Lever

Used every now and then by bush regenerators for digging the crowns out of things like asparagus fern and also good for digging into gravelly creekbanks when doing plantings.

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Work Health and Safety Forms

To meet your legal obligations, you should be keeping safety records for each working bee or field day that your group takes part in. HRLN has developed a WHS Risk assessment form and Daily diary with WHS checklist for your group to download and use.

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Paul’s Award Winning* Plant Destakerater

Stakes were generally well stuck in the ground and often splintering, making hand pulling a very hazardous and difficult activity.After a few trials and a lot of thinking I came up with a destaking tool which just slips over the stake and gives a good grip to lift the stake out of the ground.

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Tubestock Planting Guide

This planting guide is drawn from internet sources and personal experience in Landcare.

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Recruiting tips

No 1. reason that people volunteer – because they were asked.

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Goodness, Gracious Great Balls of… umm… Seed.

Seed balls are a fairly simple way of getting seed into an area to germinate after a good rain event.

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Axe of Death

This month’s tool, a nice little hatchet to help poisoning woody weeds, you might need a blacksmith, farrier or someone with an oxy set to make it.

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Tools, Tips & Tricks – Water Lance

A water lance, water jet, whatever you want to call it really, mainly used for planting long stem tubestock along waterways. Let’s make one!

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Pirates of the…. Umm… Muscle Creek.

Landcare sites often have their own unique challenges, weeds, spiky plants, rocky cliffs. Urban Landcare groups have their own challenges, Muscle Creek Landcare in Muswellbrook finds rubbish of all sizes dropped in their patch, shopping trolleys dumped in the creek... read more