Tools, Tricks and Tips: Nursery Cheats

Ok, I have a confession, despite enjoying working in nurseries I really hate pricking out and potting up seedlings. Yeah, I know, it is the main point of working in a nursery, but it is just so tedious and time consuming so if I can find any way of doing it quicker I will. One of the good things about growing grasses and sedges is that you don’t have to have only one plant per pot so it’s so easy to speed up the process

This is how I do it.

Hunter Region Landcare

Grab yourself a Hiko Tray, there is a slight problem with them having big holes in the bottom but we’ve got this covered.

Hunter Region Landcare

Put the tray down on a solid surface (so the mix can’t fall through), load it up with pottying mix then spread the mix more or less evenly.

Hunter Region Landcare

With your thumbs push the mix down nice and firm so it doesn’t fall out then loosely top up the pots with more mix.

Hunter Region Landcare

Get your grass seed (also works with sedges and rushes) and sprinkle across the top so every tube has a few seeds in it. Give it a light sprinkle of water to stop the seeds from blowing away.

Hunter Region Landcare

A light sprinkle of mix over the top and another water and you’re done. The grasses will grow up in a nice little clump that you can pop straight out of the trays for planting.


Easy peasy.


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