In the wake of the catastrophic drought and fires in 2019-2020, WIRES launched the WATER FOR WILDLIFE program with The University of Sydney to provide supplementary water for arboreal wildlife.

With a declared El Niño and a positive IOD, we already face a summer of heatwaves and fires. So, as part of our Water for Wildlife program we are speeding up distribution of TREE TROFF water drinkers to aid our precious wildlife. These are free to eligible landholders and we are hoping to get them out across the Hunter.

To make sure this is cost effective for delivery we are seeking more landholders to apply as soon as possible via our webpage so please let others know about this initiative.


WIRES is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation. WIRES has been rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals for over 35 years, and our mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.

Suitable properties include large, regional properties with wild populations of arboreal species including koalas, that could benefit from access to supplementary water during emergency events. 

For more information, please see the Water for Wildlife webpage including an application link.  Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and grouped per region for planned drop off at temporary pick-up locations.

Successful applicants will need to be able to collect the drinkers from these locations and assemble the units themselves. Note that the drinkers are comprised of 6 main parts and the main steel frame is 3.4m long and weighs 26.6kg.