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PlantNET Search – Find your local plants

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I’m giving away trade secrets here but apart from identifying plants one of our common requests is for species lists of what grows in an area, or what is suitable to plant in an area. Some areas we know quite well and will be able to give a reasonable list just off the top of our heads, other areas take a little more work but luckily there’s a few on line tools we use which make things a bit easier. 

One of the easiest and more commonly used is a spatial search of publicly available records. “PlantNET” is probably one of the easiest.

Go to the plantnet homepage (if you don’t already have it saved)


At the menu in the middle find “Spatial Search” and click on it


There’s a number of options here but for us Option 3 is easiest, 


In this case I want to see all plants which have been identified within 10km of Dungog, just hit “search”


And we get a great long list to work through, depending on how thorough previous vegetation surveying has been, from here we can work our way through and figure out the best species for your location.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.