Tools, Tricks and Tips: I Saw That, The “Unbelievable Saw”

Tools, Tips and Tricks

Over the years I’ve bought and tried out all sorts of tools and bits and pieces for various jobs, many of them I’ve broken in the first couple of weeks, on some occasions having them fail even on the first day so if they last me a couple of years they’re usually decent quality.

One that’s been in my collection for about 10 years and gets dragged out every now and then is a handy little rope saw called “The Unbelievable Saw”, strange name but can roll up to fit in a pocket on a shirt or backpack or if you’re organised (which I’m not) you could buy or make a pouch for it. It’s pretty simple, a couple of plastic handles  (in a nice bright orange so you can find it if you drop it, don’t get me started on black or green handled tools) with a chainsaw like blade stuck between them.

While they will go through dry timber they tend to really rip through green timber in a matter of seconds, the only issue is they will “pinch” as the branch starts to move but with practice you should be able to minimise this.

Rolls up to pocket size.

Time for some pruning (branch needed to go anyway, it was a pain getting the mower underneath)

About 15 seconds later.

Just cleaning up, about 20 seconds for a 7cm diameter branch.

Look them up on Google (or similar search engine), there are a few places in Australia that have them.