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Apart from my Landcare work I do the odd bit of consulting and flora survey work, this work can take me into some fairly remote places and often by myself. While I regard this as the fun bit of my job it is not without a level of risk with the possibility vehicle breakdowns or injuries and while reception on mobile phones these days is generally good there are places in the region with no reception and you have to be able to make a phone call.

One handy bit of equipment which has been around for a while (and has helped a mate of mine) is a little device called a Spot Tracker. A Spot Tracker is a GPS tracking device which, when turned on, sends out a signal every 30 minutes (or more depending on which package you sign up for) marking your location which is viewable via the Spot website. The tracker can be pre programmed with with a number of messages as a way to check in and tell people you’re ok or to send help to your location.

I’ve used the tracking feature on some jobs while a colleague was keeping an eye on my location via the web browser.

And then there’s the S.O.S. button, that sends a message to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center who will then contact the authorities in your country to organise a rescue. This is only for emergency use and calling in everyone when not needed could result in a large bill.

Every year we hear of people going missing in the bush, one of these would have had help to them in very short time.

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