Pirates of the…. Umm… Muscle Creek.

Tools, Tips and Tricks

Landcare sites often have their own unique challenges, weeds, spiky plants, rocky cliffs. Urban Landcare groups have their own challenges, Muscle Creek Landcare in Muswellbrook finds rubbish of all sizes dropped in their patch, shopping trolleys dumped in the creek being a regular occurrence with removal of them needing something a little out of the box.
Landcare Coordinators being the multi skilled people they are Upper Hunter Landcare Coordinator Paul Melehan fired up the forge and after some heating and bashing came up with….. a grappling hook!

Unfortunately, the trolleys were pushed back into the creek prior to their full recovery but that just gives another excuse to drag out the grappling hook. Arrrrrr!

If you find abandoned or lost shopping trolleys report them to: http://www.trolleytracker.com.au/ or 1800 641 497