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Do you get sick of dropping tools in the garden or in the bush and spending the next half hour trying to find them? Well, this little trick may save you a little bit of time. 


It’s simple (and fun), wander off to your nearest car parts or electronic supplies shops and buy some heat shrink tube, the brighter the better – or you can order on line (larger than the handle of the tool you keep losing).

heatshrink 1

Cut a length about the same length as your handle.

heatshrink 2

Slip it over the handle.


And apply heat, you can use a cigarette lighter, matches, hair dryer, or my favourite, a hot air gun.


The heat shrink will shrink to cover your handle making it much easier to see when you drop it.

Word of warning, it can be addictive and you’ll soon be heat shrinking just about everything in the shed. 

(and if you think my workbench is a mess you should have seen it before I cleaned it)