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Weed of the Month: Coolatai grass Hyparrhenia hirta

Regional Priority Weed Objective – ASSET PROTECTION An invasive drought, fire and herbicide tolerant tussock forming perennial grass.   It is found in all Australian states and territories. The main infestations on the East coast were south-eastern Queensland,... read more

Bird species feature: Regent Honeyeater

It’s been a big year for the Regent Honeyeater, and the captive bred birds released in the Hunter region this year are doing well and settling into a life in the wild, a significant step in protecting this critically endangered species. It’s the work of... read more

WaterBug Survey Kits available

Does your Landcare site have a creek or river nearby? If so, Hunter Local Land Services and the National Waterbug Blitz would like to encourage you to participate in a Waterbug Blitz! Hunter Local Land Services has 2 waterbug survey equipment kits to give away, which... read more

Earthcare Park Landcare discovers microbats

Earthcare Park Landcare conducted a microbat survey earlier this month (November 2020) with the help of Forest Fauna Surveys.  While not all results are in yet, the harp traps provided evidence that two species of microbat are utilising the site- the Little forest bat... read more

Lochinvar Public School bird habitat haven takes flight

Before After Thanks to HRLN, Solo Garden Organics, Maitland City Council, and the Community Environment Program through MP Joel Fitzgibbon, Lochinvar Public School students and their families now have a beautiful example of a bird habitat haven which demonstrates... read more

Gardening Responsibly

A new initiative has been brought to my attention that may help all of society to garden responsibly- and prevent weed invasion over the fence and into our natural areas-  called the Plant Sure Scheme.  Click on  – or watch a short... read more

Tilligerry Landcare Environmental Trust Grant

Tilligerry Landcare in partnership with NPWS receives $76,000 NSW Environmental Trust grant to improve Koala Habitat at Big Swan Bay.   Over the next three years, Landcare and the Worimi LALC Green team will be conducting weed removal, clean up days, and planting... read more

Regenerative Agriculture Field Day

Soil exudates and microbes – how do you know when your soil is in good health?  Spend the day with Colin Seis! A field day was held Sunday 11th October with the Luskintyre farming community where we learnt how to combine native grasslands, pasture cropping, and... read more

Plant of the Month: Choccie Lily

Mmmm Chocolate (Lilies!) One of the most anticipated Spring arrivals in woodland and forest areas in this area is the blooming of the Chocolate Lilies (Dichopogon fimbriatus) not only for the attractive purple flowers but also for the chocolate scent they have. While... read more

Bar-tailed Godwit

This species, listed as a Critically Endangered Shorebird of Australia, has been recorded flying 11,000kms across the globe non-stop! So when they reach the mudflats of our estuaries, they need lots of good food sources such as molluscs, worms and aquatic insects, and... read more

Greater Bank has partnered with HRLN

Greater Bank has partnered with HRLN as part of the 75,000 Trees Program to celebrate the Greater’s 75 Year Anniversary.   Two projects have been selected to receive trees (plants) in the Hunter:  1- Luskintyre Landcare wildlife corridors The aim of this project is to... read more

Reptile of the Month: Eastern Bearded dragon, Pogona barbata

What a wonderful sign of spring! This little fella was sunning himself on the road- As I stopped to move him along out of harms way, he puffed out his beard and expanded his body by inhaling air, making him seem larger than life. I was respectfully warned and kept my... read more

Plant of the month: Antarctic Beech, Nothofagus moorei

Every now and then I get the opportunity to wander through the cool, dark, damp Antarctic Beech forests of the high country up in the Barrington Tops. The Antarctic Beech rainforests are a Gondawanan relic showing little similarity to the surrounding Snow Gum and... read more

Farm Force – Get involved

The ‘Farm Force’ Enviro-Stories program involves rural kids from the Hunter region learning about the importance of good preparation to try and help make their farm more resilient and reduce the impacts of bushfire, pests, drought and flood.

read more

The impact of cats in Australia

A recent research article by the Threatened Species Recovery Hub really woke me up to the devastating effect that cats (feral and pet cats) have on our native biodiversity.

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The Fern Creek Gully Landcare Squirrel Glider Documentary

Toby Davidson’s wonderful documentary on our Squirrel Glider project and the great team and the great supporters that made it happen.

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Biomes and The FlockOz Art Installation

Instructions for FlockOz activity: View the shorebird chart to pick your favourite shorebirds to paint. View Shorebird Chart Download the colouring-in pages below each bird on the chart and use these as your template for the cut out. If you want to make your shorebird... read more

Contractor Management

When we hire a contractor we tend to assume they have all the right insurances and licensing, certainly their licence number is probably written on the side of their work ute, for a small job around the house we might decide checking up on their qualifications... read more

Tools, Tips and Tricks: Try not to get lost!

Apart from my Landcare work I do the odd bit of consulting and flora survey work, this work can take me into some fairly remote places and often by myself. While I regard this as the fun bit of my job it is not without a level of risk with the possibility vehicle... read more

Grasses quiz

Can you identify these common weedy grasses that were presented at Tilligerry Landcare workshop recently? Once you’ve had your guess, scroll down for the answers! v v v v v v v v v v v Answers:  Red Natal from Africa Whiskey Grass from the USA Erharta from... read more

Plant of the Month: Johnson’s Grevillea (Grevillea johnsonii).

Apart from my Landcare work I get a few other projects in from time to time, at the end of last week I was out in the Goulburn River National Park trying to track down a lost population of Fairy Bells (Homoranthus darwinioides)*, we didn’t manage to find that... read more