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A Plant Nerd Asks (for better photos)

Apart from paperwork and reporting one of the things which annoys me the most is receiving photos of plants to identify when the plant is blurry, too small, or not showing any identifiable details.  While it is true I can identify some plants from a few hundred metres... read more

Ask a Plant Nerd: Australia’s Deciduous Trees

Our former Chair, Les Pearson, asked me yesterday about how many native deciduous trees we have and despite him not submitting the question on the appropriate form I’ll have a go at answering it anyway. So, after an extensive 20 minutes of websearching I’ve come up... read more

Ask a Plant Nerd: Eucalypts by cutting

Despite their ready germination, the main reason for using a cutting would be for the propagation of commercial hybrids.

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Good plant: Bad plant

I had a question the other day about how to tell the difference between an African Olive (Olea europea ssp cuspidata) and Mock Olive (Notelaea microcarpa), having spent quite a bit of time killing the former and trying not to kill the latter I work with the following... read more

Ask a Plant Nerd: By Gum, Where Did That Come From?

In answer to a question from our chair, Les Pearson, wanting to know how the gum tree got here and why it dominates this part of the world- Let me take you back to the 19th Century when plant and animal collectors from Europe went all over the world collecting both... read more

A Plant Nerd Answers: Processionary Caterpillar

The caterpillars nest in, on, or at the base of various trees leaving them to bury themselves in the ground and pupate.

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A Plant Nerd Answers: How to ID a Gum Tree

One of the first things we look at when identifying a Eucalypt (or close relative Angophora or Corymbia) is the bark, is it smooth? Rough, Stringy, Hard? Soft?

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