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What is Landcare?

Landcare activities include Riverbank restoration, Bushland care, Coast care or Dune care, erosion management, weed eradication, sustainable agriculture, wildlife corridor rehabilitation, rubbish removal, and more.

Who is it for?

From farmers to ‘green thumbs’, children to retirees, those living on the coast to those in the country and the city – people of all ages are involved in Landcare.

If you are unable to undertake outdoor activities you can still help out by providing other important skills including office and administration tasks, financial and legal work, GIS and computer services, social media, and communication

4 Easy Ways and 14 Reasons to get involved

WAY #1  Join your local Landcare group

We can help connect you to the group that is In your area and fits your skills and interests best.

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WAY #2 Join HRLN

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Get involved at a Regional level and help us to support Landcare in the Hunter.

Individual members or groups can

  • Tap into a network of like minded people and groups from across the region
  • Get support from the Local Landcare Coordinator
  • Apply for small grants and funding
  • Be part of capacity building and knowledge sharing opportunities
  • Promote your events and activities via the Hunter Regional Landcare Network
    website and newsletters
  • Get information about Landcare activities across the Hunter Region

WAY #3 Subscribe to news ‘The Scoop’


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WAY #4  Start your own group

HRLN can help you get your group started.

Talk to your LLC for more information.

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14 Reasons

There are many reasons why so many people from all walks of life get involved in community Landcare. Here are just a few:

  • It is fun and rewarding
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Learn about your local birds, plants and wildlife
  • Learn about the cultural significance of plants and animals in your local area
  • Discover local natural hidden gems in your own backyard
  • Make a difference
  • Become more centred and grounded
  • Time to appreciate nature
  • Meet great people
  • Connect with new friends
  • Positively affects mental health
  • Get active
  • Entertain the kids and teach them the wonders of nature
  • Repair and protect the land for future generations

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