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A Plant Nerd Asks (for better photos)

Apart from paperwork and reporting one of the things which annoys me the most is receiving photos of plants to identify when the plant is blurry, too small, or not showing any identifiable details. 

While it is true I can identify some plants from a few hundred metres away (or driving past at, umm, 100kmh) what I, and other plant nerds, need is good clear photos showing as many of the plant’s features as possible (leaves, flowers, seed pods, bark, growth form) and general location helps a lot too (and I get people from government agencies who should know better doing this too). So, how about we look at an example.

(Photos used with permission from Hunter Local Land Service)



The purple one… the middle….


Well, that’s better, just.

Aah, that’s better, leaves, flowers, developing seed pods, for some species we really need to see close ups of leaves, flowers, bark etc (particularly the Eucalypts), but in this case a good photo of a Hardenbergia violacea. 

With something like a Eucalypt, trunk, leaves, seed pods, flowers, flower buds as well as location all help with identification, the more detailed the pic the more likely it is we can identify it for you.

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