Weed of the Month

Weed Watch

As stated in the released State of the Environment Report, “the number of exotic plant species in Australia has surpassed the number of native plant species.” According to The Sydney Weeds Network, “About 65% of weeds invading reserves and bushland are ornamental and... read more

Weed of the Month: Formosa lily

(Lilium formosanum)    Formosa lily, also called Taiwan Lily, as that is its origin, is a weed (introduced to Australia in the 70’s) that I am seeing pop up more and more each year in the Hunter Coastal areas along roadsides, wasteland and bushland and widely... read more

Weed of the Month: Khaki Weed (Alternanthera pungens)

I hate Khaki Weed, I really do, so much so that at one stage I had it almost eliminated from the footpaths of the small village I live in and despite my slackness over the past couple of years numbers are still low and just the other week had to spray the footpath... read more

Weed of the Month: Coolatai grass Hyparrhenia hirta

Regional Priority Weed Objective – ASSET PROTECTION An invasive drought, fire and herbicide tolerant tussock forming perennial grass.   It is found in all Australian states and territories. The main infestations on the East coast were south-eastern Queensland,... read more

Weed of the Month: Blue stars AKA Aristea ecklonii

Aristea ecklonii, Blue Stars, is a member of the Iris family. This commonly grown garden plant is regarded as an environmental weed in Victoria and New South Wales and as a potential environmental weed or “sleeper weed” in other parts of southern and... read more