invasive species council quote

As stated in the released State of the Environment Report, “the number of exotic plant species in Australia has surpassed the number of native plant species.”

According to The Sydney Weeds Network, “About 65% of weeds invading reserves and bushland are ornamental and have originated from urbans gardens, often termed ‘garden escapees’” (2020)

From these findings, we can extrapolate that the number of potentially invasive exotic plant species is also on the rise, and are likely to originate from our gardens.

As Landcarers and gardeners, it’s our responsibility to limit the spread of foreign plant matter into natural areas by implementing the following actions:

  • Plant Natives 
  • Dispose of your green waste responsibly 
  • Regularly prune your garden plants after flowering to prevent seed set and dispersal
  • Cover Green Waste during transportation
  • Dispose of weedy plant tubers, bulbs and seed heads via General Waste, rather than the compost or Green Bin

(source: Cattai Hills Environment Network

You can find native alternative plants at Grow Me Instead (NSW), local native nurseries or talk to your local Landcare groups/Coordinators.