The Fern Creek Gully Landcare Squirrel Glider Documentary

Toby Davidson’s wonderful documentary on our Squirrel Glider project and the great team and the great supporters that made it happen.

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Work Health and Safety Resources

Yeah, I know, WHS can be pretty tedious and while you may be operating safely in your farm, work or Landcare activities if something were to happen and someone were to get injured then without documented procedures and risk assessments you could be liable to expensive... read more

Video: Axe Restoration with Paul

How I restore axes, you may do it differently but this works for me. Of course the golden rule with restorations of this type, as little as possible, as much as necessary.... read more

Tubestock Planting Demo

In this video, we discuss the tips and tricks for planting tubestock and seeing them survive and... read more

When To Apply Herbicides

Time the application of herbicides to achieve maximum effectiveness. The right time to apply systemic poisons is when water and sugars are being rapidly moved (translocated) around the plant (usually spring and summer). Herbicides are likely to be less effective on... read more


Take a closer look at shorebirds of the Hunter and Manning regions

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Plants of the Box Gum Grassy Woodlands

This vegetation community is listed as an Ecologically Endangered Community because of the flora and fauna this community supports, including the species of White Box, Yellow Box, and Blakely’s Gum.

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Birds of the Box Gum Grassy Woodlands

Box Gum Grassy Woodlands are a feature of Eastern Australian landscapes. Look at and listen to birds from this environment.

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New App: Birdata

Did you know birds are a key indicator for biodiversity health in the landscape?  How healthy is your patch?

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Reflection: Weeds Conference

Weeds continue to be a big problem for NSW- What are the strategies, research and new products being developed? Are we effectively putting the ‘We’ in weeds across tenure?

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New App: I Spy Koala 

A new app encourages users to record sightings of Koalas

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How Tea Bags Can Measure Soil Health

The Tea Bag Index (TBI), first published in 2013, can be used as a method of comparing the rates of decomposition of organic matter in soil.

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Work Health and Safety Forms

To meet your legal obligations, you should be keeping safety records for each working bee or field day that your group takes part in. HRLN has developed a WHS Risk assessment form and Daily diary with WHS checklist for your group to download and use.

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Book Review: A Little Book of Latin for Gardeners

We’ve all been there, reading a botanical name and wondering both how to pronounce it and what the strange words actually mean.

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Daily Dairy & WHS Checklist for Landcare Groups

Download this diary and checklist template.

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Biodiversity Conservation Trust

What is the Biodiversity Conservation Trust all about and how can Landcarers benefit?

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