Winner of Australias Favourite Tree Announced

Winner of Australia’s Favourite Tree Announced

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Take me to the river…

“The contest is over, the dust has settled and one magnificent tree stands above the rest. 

It twists and turns as it gathers water from deep underground, reaches for the sky and sends generous branches in improbable directions. 

For Indigenous Australians this tree has been a hardware and a pharmacy for millennia. Its fresh wood is a famously vibrant red, and the same chemicals make its smoke a natural antibiotic. 

You may have dangled beneath one of these trees on a tyre swing, or hitched a boat to its trunk. Even in the absence of any visible moisture, you’ve probably seen it lighting up the country’s hidden waterways in cool, shady green. 

That’s right: Australia’s favourite native tree is the river red gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis.” – ABC Science Newslette

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Listen to the interview from ABC Radio with Bruce Cowan from Broke Bulga Landcare about the local River Red Gums: