Natural Resource Management Drought Resilience Program

Funding: $10 million

Summary: The program will provide grants of between $20,000 and $200,000 to organisations, farmer groups and individuals to build drought resilience on agricultural landscapes.

A competitive grants process for organisations, farmer groups and individuals is expected to open for applications by November 2020. Funding for successful applicants is expected to be provided for activities to commence in early 2021.

Benefits: Through holistic management and adoption of new or existing technology and practices, this program will deliver a range of on-ground outcomes achieving benefits tailored to meet local priorities and contribute to landscape-scale drought resilience.

For example, projects which regenerate and maintain groundcover through rotational grazing, no-till cropping or other measures, can deliver drought resilience by improving the soil’s water infiltration and storage capacity — reducing run-off and associated water erosion.

Networks for Building Drought Resilience

Funding: $3.75 million

Summary: This program will provide funding to networking groups to support training and networking events to develop skills, participate in risk management planning, and foster projects that encourage connectedness and improve wellbeing. It will support small-scale infrastructure projects to make community facilities drought resilient to support community wellbeing and reduce social isolation. For example, installation of water efficiency or recycling infrastructure, or providing shade for sporting and recreational facilities, upgrades to public gardens, tourist attractions and other community facilities.

A competitive grant round to select a provider to deliver the program is expected to open by September 2020.

Benefits: Increasing the presence and reach of community networks through rural and regional Australia makes communities better prepared for, and better able to recover from, the impacts of drought.

Drought Resilience Leaders

Funding: $7.45 million

Summary: This program will provide funding to community members to undertake training in leadership and to undertake a community activity to build drought resilience in their locality.

The program will also include a mentoring component to foster informal knowledge sharing and uptake of innovative practices to build the drought resilience of farmers and their businesses.

A competitive grant round to select a provider to deliver the program is expected to open by September 2020.

Benefits: The program provides an opportunity for farmers and regional community members to gain knowledge and skills through training and mentoring programs to build local drought resilience.

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