Summer Shorebird Count

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The Birdlife Summer Shorebird Count – which runs from November 15th until February 28th – has 1 month remaining. We encourage attendees of our shorebird workshops, keen birders, shore-dwellers and those interested in conservation, to participate in this massive exercise in data collection during this survey window. 

Visit for resources, digital ID booklets, and to find your local Shorebird Area. 

Your surveys can be input via the ‘Birdata’ App, under the Shorebirds category. 

This national, citizen science effort to count shorebirds across 520 Shorebird Areas contributes to our long-term database- allowing us to undertake rigorous scientific research to aid shorebird conservation and management, and track long and short-term population trends.” – Migratory Shorebird Program, Birdlife Australia

Contact your local Migratory Shorebird Project Officer via email at