Local Land Services – Recruitment

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Local Land Services has just embarked on a recruitment campaign for 29 positions on our local boards.  These Ministerially-appointed roles will become available across all 11 regions when the terms of 29 current board members and chairs come to an end in March and April next year.

The positions are as follows:

  • Central Tablelands – 2 board members and 1 chair
  • Central West – 3 board members and 1 chair
  • Greater Sydney – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • Hunter – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • Murray – 2 board members and 1 chair
  • Northern Tablelands – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • North Coast – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • North West – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • Riverina – 3 board members and 1 chair
  • South East – 1 board member and 1 chair
  • Western – 2 board members and 1 chair.

In line with the Local Land Services Board succession plan, chair appointments are for up to four years and board members a mix of two and four year terms. This staggered approach to board recruitment allows for local boards to remain fresh and relevant with a rolling membership, while ensuring valuable skills and knowledge are retained within the organisation.

 We are also working hard to communicate this process far and wide with the aim of attracting a mix of people who can provide strategic direction, improve service delivery and work closely with our regional communities. 

 We hope to attract candidates with a commitment to high ethical standards and teamwork and who bring unique experiences and knowledge to the local boards. We also recognise that we need a diverse and dynamic board that reflects modern agriculture in NSW and we are encouraging applications from women, Aboriginal people, younger farmers and other under-represented groups. 

Please help us spread the word of these opportunities. We want to find the right people to ensure independent representation, stronger governance and greater understanding of customer needs and regional service delivery.

Candidates will need to demonstrate a strong understanding of corporate governance, a commitment to high ethical standards and teamwork, and well developed communication, negotiation, advocacy and influencing skills. 

Local Land Services is interested in people who have expertise, knowledge and skills in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Leadership, strategic planning and management 
  • Community participation 
  • Regional service delivery 
  • Working with industry, government and other partners 
  • Audit, financial control, reporting and risk management 
  • Primary industries or providing services to support this sector 
  • Contemporary biosecurity programs in animal and plant health, pest and weed management 
  • Emergency management especially biosecurity and natural disaster emergencies 
  • Natural resource management and biodiversity conservation 
  • Working with Aboriginal groups and communities and/or local government. 

The Board Recruitment Package is available on the Local Land Services website.
For a hardcopy of the Package or for more information, contact your nearest Local Land Services office.

Applications close 5.00pm, Friday 13 December 2019.