Hunter Region Landcare receives funding to Rehabilitate Swamp Creek, Abermain

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This project will restore the riparian area of Swamp Creek in Abermain, approximately 500m in length, which contains remnants of two endangered ecological communities. Swamp Creek is part of the Hunter River catchment, contributing flows to the Hunter estuary wetlands which hold Ramasar listing. This section of Swamp Creek is prone to flooding and has become severely degraded in recent years with predominantly exotic vegetation. This is an important wildlife corridor linking directly from an expansive area of remnant vegetation at Abermain with the Deep Creek corridor and into Werakata National Park.

Weeds to be controlled on site as priority are Weeds of National Significance that are also State and/or Regional Priority Weeds.  The aim of this project is to use bush regeneration methods to reduce weeds listed above to protect the Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest and River Flat Eucalypt Forest EECs. Revegetation with native species will be necessary in areas of low natural recruitment. Removal of weeds will allow the community to access their local Creek and reduce the effect that these weeds are having downstream.

A group of over 25 individuals have come to meetings to form a new Landcare group focused on this task and protecting their local environment. The group has registered as Abermain District Landcare Inc and is being supported by Hunter Region Landcare Network (HRLN). The group is committed to ongoing maintenance of this work and to engaging with the wider community including schools through working bees and events. The group has recognised the need to educate the community about appropriate and sustainable management of the Creek and adjacent properties.

Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to get involved.