Hunter Region Landcare Network News March 2017

The Scoop

Landcare NSW

Insurance and Membership program has been released!

Landcare NSW is pleased to offer purpose built insurance that reinvests back into the community sector via their shareholder returns and a community grants program.

If you have any questions about the insurance, contact your Local Landcare Coordinator.

Funding available for Workshops/Field Days

Funding is available through the Hunter Region Landcare Network (HRLN) for workshops and field days in the Port Stephens, Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock and Dungog LGA’s

The workshops/field days will be funded as a result of the partnership between HRLN and Hunter Local Land Services.  Up to 12 workshops or field days are to be held before June 2017 in the Lower Hunter, which covers the local government areas of Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Cessnock and Dungog.

This is a great opportunity for groups to learn, share, collaborate with others to reach common goals and achieve more for our environment in your area.

Submit the attached application form before Monday the 13th March to the email below for assessment by the HRLN committee at the monthly meeting.   Any applications arriving after this may be required to wait another month for assessment/approval, if there is still funding available. Funds would be required to be spent before 30th June.

Apply here

Our Local Landcare Coordinators

Getting to know your Local Landcare Coordinators for the Hunter Region.

Local Landcare Coordinators, Stacy Mail, Adam Dwyer, Nicholas.

Stacy Mail – Lower Hunter

Hunter Region Landcare Network - Stacy Mail - Lower and Mid Hunter Local Landcare Coordinator

Stacy Mail – Lower and Mid Hunter Local Landcare Coordinator

Stacy covers the Lower Hunter area and is based in Shortland at the Hunter Wetlands Centre.

Previous Landcare experience

I have always loved nature and the great outdoors.  Though it wasn’t a direct path, its no surprise that I found my way to a rewarding career in Natural Resource Management!  Working for Conservation Volunteers Australia, I led many projects in the Hunter Region including Green Army and bush regeneration teams and still volunteer with native animal rescue groups.

Landcare passion and aspirations

I want to see people of all ages working together in landcare to sustain our natural environment.  True connection and community building comes when we work together, share experiences, and learn from each other, not from social media,(though useful for communication:)  I am committed to supporting the efforts of all our valuable Landcarers in the Lower Hunter.   I aim to engage with the wider community for the benefit of the environment and us all.

How to contact her

Contact anytime Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mobile: 0429 444 305


Nicholas Alexander – Upper Hunter

Hunter Region Landcare Network - Nicholas Alexander Upper Hunter CoordinatorNicholas covers the Upper Hunter and is based in Muswellbrook

Previous Landcare experience

I have a strong passion for protecting our native flora and fauna, which was fostered by my previous work as an ecologist.

Landcare passion and aspirations

While the environmental consulting industry is responsible for developing my love of our natural environment, it didn’t fulfill my desires for conservation, and that’s why a career with Landcare appealed to me so much. One of the things that has inspired me about Landcare is the way it connects the local community not only with the environment, but also each other. I look at Landcare in the Muswellbrook Shire currently as a dormant thing, ready to grow into something great. I have great hopes for facilitating the creation a number of new Landcare groups in the Muswellbrook LGA, while also helping bring some new energy into some of the existing groups in the wider Upper Hunter region.

How to contact him

Phone, email, texts to mobile, all of the above, what ever works best for you

Phone: (02) 6549 3708

Mobile: 0418 858 420


Adman Dwyer – Mid Hunter

Adam covers the Mid Hunter and is based in Singleton.

Previous Landcare experience

I have experience working across a range of industries and government in NSW and South Australia, and have also previously been involved with the Singleton Shire Landcare Network as Secretary.

Landcare passion and aspirations

Having grown up in Singleton and returned a few years ago I have a keen perspective on the various issues facing the region as well as the multitude of strengths held by the people and places of the region. Whether you’re involved in town, farming, mining, tourism, government, military or wine making you have something to offer in your local area and we want you! The beauty of Landcare is that everyone can get involved in caring for the viability and enjoyment of natural resources in our local area.

How to contact him

I am available at Singleton Council on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Phone: (02) 6578 7534

Mobile: 0437 692 224


Report from the Chair

2016 was a big year for Landcare in the Hunter with lots of challenges, great achievements, and excellent opportunities for an even greater future for the Hunter’s Landcare community.

John Hughson - Hunter Region Landcare NetworkThe biggest news was the launch of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative(LLCI), by the NSW Government. The Initiative is a unique partnership between the state level of Local Land Services (LLS) and the NSW Landcare community, through Landcare NSW. This partnership is the result of an enormous effort from the Landcare NSW team who lobbied for (and got) this significant resource for their member groups. This was in response to repeated calls from their membership at every Landcare Muster since its inception in 2007.

The LLCI will deliver $15M over four years and will include

  • the provision of about 70 part-time “Local Landcare Coordinators” (LLC), strategically located across NSW.
  • a “Community of Practice” that promotes our practices and engages others who share our aims.
  • the development of a “Landcare Fund” to ensure the long-term viability of the program by attracting and acknowledging other funding sources.

In our part of the region, the HRLN are the hosts of all three LLC positions. A range of supporting partnerships make it all possible.

In the Upper Hunter, we secured arrangements with Muswellbrook Shire Council to house and employ Nicholas Alexander, the Upper Hunter LLC. Muswellbrook Shire Council have (more than) matched the state government funding, turning a part-time role into a full-time position, as well as providing significant funding for on-ground works and what promises to be the establishment of a well-resourced Landcare structure for the LGA and beyond.

In the Mid Hunter, we secured arrangements with Singleton Shire Council to house and support Adam Dwyer, the Mid Hunter LLC. The Singleton Shire Landcare Network are providing input into Adam’s workplan as well as access to existing Landcare structures. The position is employed through arrangements made with the Hunter Wetlands Centre, who provide employment services on our behalf. The LLCI Project is under the direction of the HRLN’s Management Committee.

In the Lower Hunter, we have secured an office at the Hunter Wetlands Centre (HWC) for the Lower Hunter LLC. The first LLC was Anna Glasby, who resigned in Dec 2016, and now Stacy Mail who has just joined our team. This position is also employed through arrangements with HWC, who provide employment services on our behalf and is also under the direction of the HRLN’s Management Committee.

All positions have a “Steering Group”, made up of key people in their local area, to guide the Coordinators’ workplans, ensure that we all get the best possible results from the program, we are supporting all Landcarers in their local area, and can secure maximum support for the Community Landcare in our area. Some of you have already signed on to be part of a Steering Group. If you would like to join a Group please contact your LLC or me. Your participation in a few meetings each year could make a world of difference to the success of this program and to the outcomes of Landcare in your area and in our region.

Landcare in the Hunter enjoys the support of several partnerships including, LLS, local government, state and national government funding bodies. Landcare has achieved great things as a result of that support. Our partners have also found that they can achieve much better outcomes when they engage and support their communities.

Congratulations to Lake Macquarie City Council and the Lake Macquarie Landcare Network for receiving national recognition of their partnership at the 2016 National Landcare Awards. You are a great example of what is possible and what we should all be striving towards.

Thanks to the efforts of a small band of volunteers and those who support us. 2016 was a great year for Landcare in the Hunter. With the inclusion of a few new faces at our table, and the ongoing support of our paid staff, 2017 promises to be even better.

Happy Landcaring

John Hughson