Hunter Region Landcare Network and Hunter Local Landcare Services Partnership Project
Project Partnership with HunterLLS – Intrepid Landcare Retreat
July 14, 2016

Hunter Intrepid Landcare Retreat

Hosted by Lake Macquarie Landcare Network

On 25-26 June 2016, Lake Macquarie Landcare Network hosted an Intrepid Landcare Retreat to launch Intrepid Landcare in the Hunter.


16 young people (aged 16-30) applied for and participated in the retreat. Their names were:

  • Alana Goodwin
  • Alex Robertson
  • Allira Jackman
  • Callum Reedman
  • Emma Murrell-Orgill
  • John Hembra
  • Kara Jade
  • Michelle Smith
  • Monique Bolla
  • Natalie Brazel
  • Robert Scanlon
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Shannyn Bromage
  • Sophie Robertson
  • Tasman Carr
  • Zac Stokes

While most of the participants lived in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, there were also some that lived in Cessnock and Central Coast areas. The participants included high school, TAFE, University students and young workers, all with a passion for our local environment. They had a range of hobbies and interests that demonstrated their involvement in the community and ability to pursue new adventures.

The 16 participants were guided through the Retreat activities by facilitators Megan Rowlatt and Naomi Edwards, Intrepid Co-founders and Young Landcare Ambassadors.

In addition to the 16 participants and 2 facilitators, the following people attended the Retreat as ‘mentors’, activity coordinators, or representatives of partner organisations.

  • Greg Piper – MP Local Member for Lake Macquarie
  • John Hughson – Chair of Hunter Region Landcare Network
  • Carmel Brown – Chair of Lake Macquarie Landcare Network
  • Jason Harvey – Landcare Coordinator for LMCC
  • Tim Mouton – Burwood Beach Dunecare
  • Boyd Carney – National Parks & Wildlife Service
  • Peter Vaughan – Out and About Adventures
  • Garry Stewart – Lakeside Drive Landcare
  • Don Roach – Lake Macquarie Landcare Network
  • John Le Messurier – Glenrock Landcare
  • Thomas Clarke – Hunter Bird Observers
  • Trevor & Marion Woolley – Martindale Landcare Group
  • Janet White – OCCI/ Wangi Landcare
  • Fran Corner – Tilligerry Habitat
  • Nick Alexander – Landcare Coordinator for Muswellbrook region

Outcomes achieved

Inaugural Hunter Intrepid event brought together 16 young people and engaged them in a range of conservation and adventure activities to showcase what Intrepid Landcare is about. Activities included:

  • Ice-breaker & pair-share activities
  • Landcare activities (weeding & planting) at Burwood Beach
  • Guided abseiling in Glenrock Conservation Area
  • Nature documentary
  • Breakfast with the birds with local bird guru
  • Bush tucker and Glenrock history talk with local Landcarers
  • Tour of Glenrock Landcare site
  • Lunch with mentors and leadership workshops

The leadership workshop allowed participants to work up a variety of ideas to implement in the Hunter Region. Their ideas included:

  • Clean up market day
  • Landcare playdates (for young Landcarers – new parents with children)
  • Beach clean-up/ Speers Point Park
  • Wine and Weeds in the Hunter Valley

The participants agreed to continue as a ‘Hunter Intrepid Landcare group’ and meet again to undertake Landcare and adventure activities, with the first planned activity being a return to Glenrock and Burwood beach for a one day weeding event in late August or early September. They agreed to join a facebook and email group in order to keep in touch and arrange future events.

Other support

As well as the $6000 received from Hunter Region Landcare Network and Hunter Local Land Services, the following other support was received for the Hunter Intrepid Retreat:

  • $1000 funding from MP Greg Piper – Local Member for Lake Macquarie
  • $1000 from LMCC (Community Planning)
  • $750 from Lake Macquarie Youth Advisory Network
  • In-kind support from LMCC Landcare Resource Centre in organising, promotion and attending aspects of the Retreat (excess of 84 hours or $2520) as well as funding of $240 towards event insurance
  • In-kind contribution of mentors and other volunteers involved would be in excess of 42 hours or $1260
  • Landcare Australia has provided $1000 towards the next Hunter Intrepid event


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