Hunter Floodplain Red Gum Woodland regeneration

The Scoop

A long awaited planting day with Singleton Shire Landcare at Col Fisher Park in Singleton was a great success.  The Hunter Floodplain Red Gum Woodland  (Endangered Ecological Community) along the banks of this Creek  is undergoing regeneration thanks to Singleton Shire Landcare Network.  This area was meant to be planted out in Spring but the drought prevented that from happening.  The banks of the Creek have been treated for balloon vine, an invasive and exotic weed that smothers all native vegetation.  Other weeds taking hold include green cestrum and turkey rhubarb.  This will be a staged project to slowly regenerate the Hunter Floodplain Red Gum Woodland in the Park to its natural state.

In preparation for the the native plants to go in, coir logs were placed to protect the sloping bank from erosion. Mulch was spread to keep the temperature up and moisture in the soil while the ground covers become established.  Luckilyy the rain came just after planting to ensure a good start for our regeneration area. Thanks to all the Singleton Scouts and community that came to help. (Not all were pictured here).

Coir logs being staked

Native ground covers as art of the native vegetation community planted include Viola hederacea, Dichondra repens, Commelina cymosa, Pratia purpurascens, Microleana stipoides.