Dungog Lilly Pillys

Dungog’s Iconic Weeping Lilly Pilly Trees (500 to 1000 years old)

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Dungog Lilly Pilly-Pano

The removal of privet from the banks of the Williams River at Abbott’s Flat has uncovered one of Dungog’s secret treasures – the magnificent ancient Weeping Lilly Pillys, previously hard to see because of encroaching greenery and the branches of weeds.

Some of the Lilly Pillys (Waterhousia floribunda) are estimated to be between 500 and a thousand years old and have formed fantastically grooved and contorted trunks. 

At the river level one can see the fascinating cages and ladders of the tree’s root systems which are binding the river bank together.

With the help of a grant from Local Land Services (LLS), and with the assistance of Landcare, volunteers from Sustaining the Williams River are extending the well-established Weeping Lilly Pilly Project at Frank Robinson park which has the support of Local Council, LLS, Landcare and Hunter Water.

Paid contractors and volunteers are working to clear weeds, plant seedlings and repair eroded areas on the riverbank at Abbott’s Flat along from the Correei Bridge.

Everyone in Dungog can celebrate the fact that the town’s wonderful iconic trees can be seen again.

The Open Day on August 17th was a great success. 

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