Blue grass vs Red Grass ID

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Plant Recognition Notes: Blue Grass-Red Grass

Blue Grasses (Dichanthium sericium, Dichanthium setosum): Clumping Grass to 1m, common in the Mid and Upper Hunter, often bluish, “hairy “skirt” on the nodes, spikelets come out from a central position (digitate).

Red Grasses (Bothriocloa macra, Bothriochloa decipiens, Bothriochloa biloba), clumping grasses (to 0.5m B. macra, 1m B. decipiens, 2m B. biloba), nodes not hairy though usually red, seed head less hairy than Blue Grasses, spikelets from different points (sub digitate)

Below: Bothriochloa (Red Grass) on the left, Dichanthium (Blue) on the right