Hunter Region Landcare
Blackbutt Reserve, Addison Road, New Lambton
February 06, 2020
2015 – Present

The site was overrun by 2 metre-high torpedo grass. This made it practically inaccessible, as well as being a safety hazard and an eyesore. In wet weather a stream of water flows through the end of Addison Road, a cul-de-sac bordering Blackbutt Reserve, making it very boggy. We are endeavouring to establish frog ponds along this course. In an initial community planting, a large area of the boggy section was planted with a great variety of native plants. These have flourished.
This Landcare project was begun in 2015, by Aidan and Hillary Foy, with the willing and hardworking assistance of Ted and Margaret Burns. More members would be very, very welcome, to continue the transformation of the site from weed-infested waste to a bushland park. We get to meet our neighbours, enjoy physical exercise and mental relaxation.



Big Wins

The natives that were planted in the large boggy section are now flourishing.  



Torpedo grass is a very aggressive grass that requires constant deterrence.