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30 Years of Landcare

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2019 marks 30 Years of Landcare in the Hunter Region

To celebrate this milestone, HRLN is pulling out all the stops.  You may have seen a preview at the Tocal Field Days.

30 Year Book

First, HRLN is putting together a 30 Year Book of your Landcare Stories, past and present.  You need to be in it. So if you haven’t sent your story in yet, please do so ASAP.  (The design is already underway).  


Resource kit

 Second, to celebrate 30 years of Landcare, HRLN has developed a fantastic Resource Kit for our existing Member groups and Individual Members, with support from the 2018-19 Partnership funding from Hunter Local Land Services.  We will be presenting these to you in the next couple of months.

What’s in the Resource kit for member groups?

Educational resources

Existing Member groups will receive any 3 of the following publications 

  • Restoring Natural Areas’ by Robin A Buchanan
  • ‘Grasses of Coastal NSW’ by Harry Rose and Carol Rose,
  • ‘Pasture weeds of coastal NSW’ by Harry Rose and Carol Rose
  • ‘Native plant or Weed Vols 1 and 2’ by Ann Loughran
  • A weed deck by Sainty & Assoc. 

A Corflute sign to recognise your membership of our Network
A Teamleaderhigh-vis vest
WHS forms– Standard Landcare
Risk Assessment, Daily Diary and WHS checklists
10 Welcome Kit flyers with connections to a host of resources on the website. 

Individual Members will receive a reusable cup and a certificate to acknowledge their contributions.



Acknowledgements: Tocal College provided a significant discount on the purchase of the educational resources, demonstrating the College’s long-standing and ongoing support of Landcare in the Hunter. The Badgeman was very helpful in sourcing/creating the stickers, magnets. Jess Jones from DotJess provided great design work for some of the promotional materials and The Habitat Network provided the artwork for the Corridors Banner free of charge.