Wing Threads - The Adventures of Microlight Milly

Wing Threads – The Adventures of Microlight Milly

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Amelia Formby (AKA ‘Microlight Milly’) is now 3 weeks into her 20 000km flight around Australia, to raise awareness, educate and to inspire action to protect the habitats of our amazing migratory shorebirds.”

The project, titled ‘Wing Threads’, is a culmination of Milly’s passions – ornithology, zoology, education, illustration and flying – and coincides with the CSIRO book release ‘A Shorebird Flying Adventure’ which was illustrated by, and stars, ‘Microlight Milly’.

She will be stopping in at schools and libraries to “spread the shorebird word” and to do a reading of her book. ‘A Shorebird Flying Adventure’ is aimed at mid-primary students aged 9-10 yrs. 

School visits are free of charge and can be tailored to suit Grades 2-8.