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Understanding Your Property By the Property Detective Part 11

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Your Vegetation – Trees near Me

The Tocal Field Days were filled with visitors asking questions about the type of vegetation that was found in the locality of their farm or bush block. This prompted reflection on accessing the type of vegetation encountered on properties and what species of native plants were present in the recent past. Over a meal following Tocal, I learned of an App that provided this information and this article is an introduction to “Trees near Me”.

The application has been developed by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and is accessed by typing trees near me app into your search engine and you should find the following:


By selecting Trees Near Me NSW you will be taken to the page where you can download the app to your phone or tablet or iPad for use in the field.

Once you have this installed you can use your aid to assist in identifying plants in your location. The blue dot will identify your position and at the bottom of the screen you will have ID boxes indicating different plant species communities. By comparing what you see on the ground with the species identified in the ID classifications you will be able to choose the best fit for your location.

Clicking on the ID box provides a more detailed description of the type of vegetation and where it is found. By scrolling down, it is possible to identify tree, shrub, and ground cover species. By following the arrow, you can  obtain photographs and detailed descriptions of each of the plant species identified.

You are now in a position to identify your plants in your patch and have the start of a guide to revegetation which includes trees shrubs and ground cover.

Happy Investigating.