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Spotlight on: Lake Liddell Landcare Demonstration Site

The Scoop

The Landcare Demonstration site at Lake Liddell Recreation Area Reserve was set up in 2004 by members of the Hunter Region Landcare Network who were also members of Lake Liddell Trust. Since 2004, HRLN has conducted tree planting, mulching trials and salinity studies.

The most recent Project came about because of a visit to Yancoal, who showed Network members around rehabilitation areas on the Mine Site. Stephen Thatcher, a member of both organisations thought it might be a good idea if the techniques used by Yancoal could be superimposed onto land at Lake Liddell. Inspections of land by Stephen, Les Pearson and Scott Crompton from Australian Natural Landscapes (who was also present at Yancoal), picked a suitable site. Bill Baxter from Yancoal and Stephen again visited the site and Bill provided a list of seed mix and the name of the contractor he uses to spread the seed.  

Next stage is soil testing so Scott can work out the best mulch to use. Then the Project will have to wait till good rain for mulch spreading to commence!!  If the trial proves successful, another 3ha can be set aside for further work. Stay tuned for updates.