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Plants of the Spotted Gum Ironbark Forests

Learn the types of trees, shrubs, grasses and vines that populate the Ironbark Forests of the Lower Hunter.

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Plants of the Box Gum Grassy Woodlands

This vegetation community is listed as an Ecologically Endangered Community because of the flora and fauna this community supports, including the species of White Box, Yellow Box, and Blakely’s Gum.


Eucalypt Bark Types

Just as their fruits (gumnuts) can help us figure out which Eucalypt is which so can their bark, these are some commonly seen in the Upper Hunter.


Gumnuts of the Upper Hunter

Bark types and gumnuts (or “fruit”) are a handy way of determining which group a Eucalypt belongs to.


Learn About Galls

Stacy Mail talks through identifying galls.

Grasses quiz

Grasses quiz

Can you identify these common weedy grasses that were presented at Tilligerry Landcare workshop recently? Once ...