Queens Jubilee celebration at Bolwarra

Queens’ Jubilee celebration at Bolwarra

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Another 500 trees have been planted at Bolwarra Sports Complex thanks to community support in Maitland.  We are well on our way to reaching 2000 trees at this site, not including understory plants.  While it is unusual to be planting into summer, we are taking advantage of the wet conditions and the slope which prevents waterlogging.


It was a sunny but blustery day with high winds but it didn’t stop the crowd from taking part- over 30 people pitched in to make the Queens Jubilee planting celebration a success.  We gathered for morning tea and took a moment of pause to honour the late Queen Elizabeth II.  We were graced with two beautiful songs by Maitland City Choir- Advance Australia Fair and “I love a Sunburnt Country by Dorothea MacKeller.

Join us the Third Sunday of every month for working bees at Bolwarra with a great bunch of people.