Macpac Fund For Good


The Macpac Fund for Good is our way of giving back, and helping those committed to creating long-term change for the good of our people and planet.

We don’t give large grants to just a few causes, we want to be able to make even a small difference to as many organisations as we reasonably can. So instead we award modest contributions of between $2,000-10,000 to those organisations who align with our ideals.

Environmental Projects

We’re completely in love with the outdoors… completely and utterly. It’s vitally important to all of us at Macpac to play our part in preserving our wilderness, and its wildlife, for generations to come. We recognise the impact that simply doing business can have on our precious planet – so we’re constantly working to reduce our own environmental footprint. We use the Macpac Fund for Good to support projects working hard to preserve our natural environment, restore and protect habitats, and to look after the creatures that call them home. Wherever we can, we do our bit to ensure we all continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

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