Landcare in the Vacy Area

Landcare in the Vacy Area

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Landcare members in the Vacy area have begun work rehabilitating the Council reserve on the Paterson River where the Allyn and Paterson meet.  This Council reserve was used as a stock crossing and a holding area in days past.  The site was originally adopted by Paterson Landcare over 20 years ago as evidenced by the mature Eucalypts along the corridor that leads to the river.  There is a strong interest from the local community as this is the ideal place to access the Paterson River and enjoy its beauty.

Dungog Shire Council has granted permission for Landcare to rehabilitate the woodland and riparian zone with help from Council’s weeds officer.  It is overrun with many difficult and Hunter Priority weeds to control such as Giant Reed (Arundo donax), Green cestrum (Cestrum parqui), as well as Moth vine, Lantana etc.  The primary goal is to maintain access and slowly transition the site to a biodiverse stable area with native vegetation and native fauna that the locals can be proud of.

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