Good News For Our Waterways!!

Good News For Our Waterways!!

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Four Hunter groups- Wollombi Landcare, Sustaining the Williams Valley, Luskintyre Landcare and Lambs Valley Landcare have received small grants through the Landcare riparian grants program to improve the vegetation condition along each of their riparian zones through weed control and revegetation where necessary to increase the biodiversity values and stabilise the banks. Projects have commenced and will finish in September this year.
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Wollombi Landcare will be rehabilitating 3km of Congewai Creek between Sweetmans and Coolawine across 5 properties. Tha main focus here is control of Tree of heaven, green cestrum and privet, with supplementary planting.  New landholders are Getting involved with Landcare, helping to improve our waterways.


SWV will be restoring 300m along the Williams River at Abbotts Flat, which continues the existing Weeping Lily pily rainforest restoration project upstream at Frank Robinson Park. The project will create a protected and fenced 30 metre wide riparian zone with a view to a meandering trail for users in the future.  Priority weeds are Small and broad leaf Privet, Lantana, Wild tobacco, and vines including Balloon vine and Morning glory.


Luskintyre Landcare will be tackling the riparian zones along the Hunter River across 6 properties with weed control and revegetation totalling 4 hectares. Balloon vine, Green cestrum, privet, African olive and Lantana are the top of the list for removal here along with plans for revegetation over the coming seasons..


Lambs Valley Landcare

This riparian weed control and revegetation project aims to decrease the erosion of deep gullies and consequent run-off causing sedimentation to the upper catchment of Lambs Valley Creek.  Gully remediation – coir logs and matting will be used in particularly bad section of the gullys, where Lantana and other weeds have created a lack of beneficial vegetation.