Do you have some Young Environmental Champions

Do you have some Young Environmental Champions?

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Action for Agriculture is supporting young people to become agents of change through their Young Environmental Champions program. The 10 week program focuses on networking, mentoring and empowering students to engage in their community. Available for Stage 3-5 students in the Hunter region (starting Term 1).

The program focuses on three key pillars of support. NETWORKING-MENTORING-EMPOWERING .

NETWORK young people with:

  • Other young people in their region and other regions across NSW.
  • Young people/role models who have successfully transitioned to higher education as mentors.
  • Subject matter experts both within their community and outside their community.
  • Other young people who have designed and delivered successful community projects.
  • Mentors, allies, champions.

MENTOR young people to:

  • Develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Create and implement their OWN solutions, relevant to their local communities and/or educational institutions.
  • Be changemakers and influencers.
  • Develop social capital – the friendships, community contacts, mentors and networks that build a sense of belonging now and in the future.

EMPOWER young people to:

  • Confidently design and implement action learning experiences that have a genuine impact, from start to finish.
  • Build their networks.
  • Have agency and voice.
  • Develop succession plans and leave a legacy.