HRLN Collaborative Dig-It

Collaborative ‘Dig-It’- Lake Liddell Recreation Reserve

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As part of the Dig-It Grant obtained from Local Land Services in April 2022 and a Landcare Grant from Muswellbrook Shire Council, Lake Liddell hosted another planting day on Friday 22nd March 2024. Ten volunteers from AGL’s Bayswater Power Station were involved with planting 200 tubestock. We started at 7am and finished at 1pm. We planted some of the endemic endangered species, but also planted more strategically, species such as Hardenbergia, Dianella, Acacias and Callistemon in specific areas, to enhance future understory. As can be seen in the photograph, there’s lots of mulch to go around, left over from previous plantings! The Ekidna tree guards are proving very successful in stopping cattle and other animals from disturbing the plants. A further day is planned for April, when 200 tubestock will be planted. Another Team of volunteers are coming to help in May, but this time from Newcastle Greater Mutual Group (NGMGroup). Word went around that they enjoyed their planting day in November 2022, they want more! This time around I’ll be using cardboard guards and mats, as we will be planting within a fenced area.

I thought I was going to retire from planting, but the enthusiasm shown has rekindled my enthusiasm!

Stephen Thatcher President Hunter Region Landcare Network and Lake Liddell Land Manager.