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More local support with regional guidance for Landcare in the Hunter region

Landcare in the Hunter region has gained enhanced funding under the NSW Landcare Enabling Program. In the first phase of its $59 million state-wide program, the NSW Government has committed funds for the employment of more local and regional coordinators and administration support officers by Landcare across NSW, until 30 June 2027. This comprehensive support program will be managed jointly by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.

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Plant of the Month: Arr, me scurvy dogs!

Ok, so it’s a little early for International Talk Like a Pirate Day but one issue for pirates, other seafarers and more than a few landlubbers was the disease of scurvy brought about by lack of Vitamin C in the diet, this was a big issue in the Royal Navy till young Jimmy Cook had lemons, limes and sauerkraut as mandatory dietary items for his underlings as they bobbed about the world’s oceans (“no dessert for you till you’ve sucked on a lemon”). 

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What’s in a Name? In the lap of the Gods.

One of the more common practices in botany and zoology is to name a species after a Greek or Latin god or figure of legend, here’s a few of them.

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Are you a Landcarer in the Newcastle Electorate?

HRLN has grant funds available to groups in the Newcastle Electorate for on-ground landcare projects for planting and mulching, weeding and erosion control, creation of interpretive signage or guided walks, maintenance of natural areas, engaging the wider community in... read more

Community Recognition Statement – EarthCare Park Landcare

EarthCare Park Landcare, a beacon of environmental stewardship, earned well-deserved recognition at the Parliament of NSW Legislative Assembly on September 19, 2023. MP Jenny Aitchison, the Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, took a moment to formally acknowledge the remarkable achievements of EarthCare Park Landcare group for their outstanding work on their 50-hectare site in East Maitland.

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Fire Ants

You may have heard of a sighting of fire ants on the North Coast of NSW.

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The Housing crisis is real – for native fauna.

We know that nest boxes are not as good as the real thing – You can’t beat what nature offers in a mature ecosystem, a nice variety of hollows in different shapes and sizes. But we can help with the shortage in the short term, while nature works its magic.

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Tubestock plants supplied through Landcare

1,460 trees found new homes over the festive season from our nursery.

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Private Land Conservation Matters

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust is partnering with Landcare NSW to raise awareness on the importance of conservation on private land, and has funded the Private Land Conservation program in the Hunter Region for 2024.

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State & Territory Landcare Awards

Time is ticking by to submit your award nomination for yourself or someone you think has made an awesome contribution to Landcare and community resilience of the past year or so.

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