Woodland Bird Feature The Noisy Miner a native nuisance

Woodland Bird Feature: The Noisy Miner (a native nuisance?)

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The noisy miner is one native species that has benefited greatly from human alterations to woodland and forest habitat, enabling it to increase in abundance and distribution. In short, the Noisy Miner has become an overabundant species.

Why is this a problem?

Large populations of noisy miners are associated with the decline and absence of birds in remnant forest and woodland, particularly small, insectivorous birds such as the  Hooded Robin, Varied Sittella and Brown Treecreeper, Scarlet Robin, Rufous Whistler, and in some cases the Regent Honeyeater, already profoundly affected by loss of habitat through clearing. 

Read more through the fact sheet produced by LaTrobe University.



Image source: Birdlife.org.au