Wentworth Creek Landcare, Fletcher

30 Years of Landcare Book

2010 – Present

Wentworth Creek Landcare started in 2010 following an initiative from Newcastle City Council’s then Bushland Services  officer. The plan was to work in a  pocket of remnant bushland in the suburb of Fletcher  removing invasive weeds, mainly lantana, from along the riparian gully of Wentworth Creek in the Ironbark Creek catchment.  The bulk of lantana has been removed and a lot of endemic plant growth has occurred.

We operate about 4 months of the year as one of our two members has away-work commitments. We have utilised the assistance of the fire brigade through their requirement to provide community service as part of their job and occasionally are able to use Council’s bush regeneration team. 

The site can be enlarged and we are waiting upon a Council plan of management and clarification of what land is under Council control. We would like more people to help with weed management. We have achieved good environmental and community outcomes.


Big Wins

The bulk removal of lantana.



Controlling the weeds is an ongoing job.