Understanding Your Property Part 5

Understanding Your Property By the Property Detective Part 5

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Understanding the Geology of your locality is a basic piece of information for property holders as this gives a strong indication of  the soils that cover the geological strata. This information is available through the NSW Government website at:


From here you are able to choose an app that will suit your phone and this will be able to provide you with information regarding your location in NSW.

Alternatively, you may prefer a map you can use on your computer and these are also available at:


The map below is the 1:3 000 000 scale for NSW which is one of the many available on the website

Understand your property

More detailed maps can be obtained for the Hunter area (or your local area if you are elsewhere in the state) and these can be helpful to understanding the surface features observed. 

The following is the Muswellbrook 1:25 000 Geological Map with Lake Liddell in the bottom right corner and the Hunter River flowing from the top centre to the left centre.  The section interpretations of the surface map (A-B and C-D) help in understanding the geological structure of the locality.

Know your property hunter region

If you download any map you can magnify these and locate the geological strata underlying your location.

To follow the link between the geology of the location and the soils they give rise to then join me next time for a look at what is available on the internet regarding soils.

Till then,

Happy Investigating.