Tocal Field Day Report May 2016
May 11, 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all exhibitors for taking part in Tocal Field Days and for making it such a success. We appreciate the amount of positive feedback we have received from exhibitors this year – it is certainly great to be back working with you to create such an event. We also acknowledge there are always areas for improvement and change and we will be looking at ways to improve throughout the year.

We had some issues extracting final exhibitor numbers from our new computerised entry system. As a result some information we provided on Friday and Saturday was reviewed. The final tally for both these days was correct but the break up was not, meaning there were less people than we indicated on Friday but more on Saturday.

Now that we have this computerised entry process we will be able to report visitor numbers and compare the visitation across the years. The early rain on Sunday impacted our numbers for the final day but still resulted in a good crowd.

2016 Tocal Field Days Visitation



SUNDAY MAY 1 5,555

TOTAL 20,007

We have sent our surveys away for compilation and once the final report has been published we will forward this to our data base of exhibitors.

Thank you once again for the wonderful contribution you all make to Tocal Field Days.

Best regards

Wendy Franklin Darren Bayley

Manager Chair

Tocal Field Days Association Tocal Field Days Association

Ph: 0447 486 760

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