HRLN River Red Gum Project

Report for AGM 19th September 2015

Over the past year, the number of plantings have been reduced because of the cancellation of the Tocal Field Days in May. This event is the major point for contact with people to provide tube stock and to gain names for other points of distribution.

The revamped web site has yet to produce a large number of requests for plants.

There has only been one major planting of 120 trees on the Hunter River and this has come about through a person joining HRLN and making a request for trees.

In providing a report for Aspect Hunter School, an offer was made for trees to be planted on the edge of a wetland area. We are waiting to hear from the School to see if there is interest in the proposal.

The floods in April have hindered the prospect of planting in some areas with fields under water for some considerable time. The contacts are to be followed up in the coming weeks.

Other planters of trees have reported losses following the April floods, one person losing 16 trees out of the 40 provided. When the opportunity presents it is hoped that those lost in the floods will be replaced.

This project continues to provide a practical link between HRLN and landholders in the region.