Native Grasses in the Farmscape – Field Day Report
May 24, 2016

Native Grasses in the Farmscape

Martindale Creek Landcare Field Day Report

Col Seis is renowned for his innovative “Pasture Cropping” technique, winning the prestigious Bob Hawke Landcare Award in 2014 for his efforts. Now practised across Australia and the world, “Pasture Cropping” as a farm management system can bring improvements to crop yields, animal production and soil health. The system means reduced input costs due to greater inherent soil fertility and reduced pest management needs.

Held by MCCL on Saturday 23.4.16, the field day looked at how native grasses can fit into a farming strategy. Another successful MCCL event saw a group of over 20 local residents and visitors attend to day to hear Col speak, followed by a presentation and paddock walk looking at identifying local grassland species by Paul Melehan from Hunter TAFE. The day was supported with funding from Hunter LLS and the National Landcare Program.

The PDF below is an overview of the material and ideas presented by Col at the Native Grasses in the Farmscape field day.

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