Hunter Region Landcare
Morgan Street Reserve Landcare
November 23, 2020

1998 – Present

Morgan Street Reserve in Merewether is now a delightful patch of nature in a busy residential area, but it was not always so. In 2014 the Reserve was dilapidated and overgrown and its future was being reviewed by Newcastle City Council. A small group of volunteers was determined to preserve the Reserve and formed the Morgan Street Reserve Landcare group. With support from Council for materials, mulch and plants, areas of erosion have been controlled, an overburden of deadwood has been removed, neglected bushland has been regenerated and infestations of Coolatai grass have been reduced. Remnants of kangaroo grass (Themeda australis) are being enhanced to form a central grassland meadow. CityServe volunteers have carried out two successful projects. With the involvement of local school children, attractive gardens have been planted, birds have reappeared and the amenity of the Reserve is now appreciated by local residents for exercise and recreation. 


Big Wins

Controlling erosion, cleared dead wood, reduced Coolatai infestation, regenerated bushland, enhanced themeda grassland.



It is a battle to rid the Reserve of Coolatai grass. Also its difficult to operate when short of volunteers!

We have the satisfaction of our achievements and the friendship of others involved. We learn lots about local flora and fauna. We’ve been well resourced by Council but are battling to rid the Reserve of Coolatai grass. Also rather short of volunteers! 

Hunter Region Landcare
Hunter Region Landcare