Meet Daintry Gerrand

Meet Daintry Gerrand, our Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator (RALF)

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Daintry is part of the Natural Resource Management Team at Hunter Local Land Services, who works alongside our Landcare Coordinators at HRLN. Daintry has a strong focus on connecting with the community – landholders, Landcare community and agriculture industry: “One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is working with the community and being responsive to their needs. But it’s also about building connections with the individuals in the community, with the groups that they’re part of, whether it’s an industry group or a Landcare group, it’s building that connection and watching the things that flow from that greater connection.” What is Daintry’s role as our RALF? Watch the video here: You can contact Daintry if you have an idea, a project, or need advice on agriculture, youth in agriculture, training and funding opportunities for landowners. E


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