Luskintyre’s paddock and river plantings on track
Luskintyre’s paddock and river plantings on track
April 29, 2021


Luskintyre Landcare group is on its way to its target of 4000 paddock trees (shrubs and trees) planted by July this year.  The trees were donated by the Greater Bank as part of their 75 Year celebrations.  Seven property owners (and Landcare members) are taking part in creating wildlife corridors and shelter belts for their farms. The species selection ensures they are building native biodiversity that is endemic to the area with a good mix of trees and shrubs to provide for all ecosystem services from pollinators to mammals.

Volunteers from Greater Bank, Kooragang, community and local landcare members came together in late March to make this happen. 

With the floodwater on the Hunter receded, Luskintyre Landcare hled a couple of community days to put in 2200 plants on this section of river.  Thanks to partner OzFish for supporting this project.  Some of the the river flat key species planted include Lomandra hystrix and Carex appressa to stabilise the bank along with Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River red gum), Casuarina cunninghamiana (River oak), Callistemon sieberi (River bottlebrush).